About Us



Over The Mountain Coaching is a coaching service that focuses on endurance sports, specifically running and triathlons.


How We started


Chad Vacarella and I have been friends since middle school.  While our friendship evolved around soccer, at the end of high school, I turned my focus towards distance running, going on to compete in cross country at the collegiate level.  My running experiences led me to coaching Cross Country at a variety of levels, and as my personal running career slowed, I became interested in triathlons. Around the same time, Chad’s interest in multi-sport began to grow as well.  He asked for occasional advice, which I gladly offered regarding running. Together, we gloated and commiserated about our trials and tribulations on our runs, on the bike, and in the pool. As our passion for triathlons grew, so did the idea to start formally training others that have goals and want to improve.


What we offer


We offer a menu of services and packages that can be bundled together in the form of full-time coaching or purchased a la carte. A la carte items include threshold and/or VO2max testing, FTP testing, swim evaluations, and purchasing short-term training plans.  Full-time coaching packages include many of the items listed above but are geared more towards the long-term achievement of goals and nurturing an athlete-coach relationship. With a full-time package, we will sit down to discuss long-term goals, recommend annual and seasonal training plans that are responsive in nature, based on fitness and performance, and regular weekly feedback.


Our Mantra

The beauty of our approach is we work to integrate sport into your daily life so you can reach your maximum potential without sacrificing friends, family, and work.